Please read below explainations of kittens before contacting me.

No kitten will be sold without contracts and below  end of 12 weeks!!


请你在联络我咨询购买事宜之前仔细阅读网页下面的说明。 如果您想要购买,请发邮件给我,详细说明您的职业,家庭状况等。现在,我家的猫咪可以跨过大洋来到中国您的身边,不过运输费用需要自理哦。

Starbabies Choice * Amberdreams Moon Magic

Two high van kittens - a boy and a girl ready for reserve later on - pls keep an eye for incoming pictures

Sophanise's Firecracker * ExotiquesAmour's Confetti

Boy- exotic short hair: Reserved

Red Persian (Exotic Long hair) boy: reserved

Cream and white girl - reserved

My kittens are registered, vaccinated, wormd and are bred from PKD negative tested parents. My kittens and cats grow up with my family and they are my precious babies.


If you woulde like to enquire about kitten on this page, please send details about yourself and family. Please let me know if you are interested in a kitten for pet, show or breed. Deposits are taken from 4 weeks of age and should you change your mind are not refundable.


According to GCCF's guideline, no kittens will be sold under 13 weeks (end of week 12), when they need the second vaccination and checked by vet before going to your home! Please do not contact me if you just want to have a kitten below 13 weeks without really considering their health. At week 13 they are still small and cute but I will not sell them before the right age.


The breeder reserves the right to refuse to offer a kitten without explanation. All my kittens will be sold under contract for their best interests. Please refer to contract page.

甜甜家的每只猫咪都是提供纯种猫协会的注册证书,以证明血统的纯正性。 他们的爸爸妈妈都经过基因检测,保证不携带隐性致命疾病。 小猫从4周开始接受预定,收取押金。每只猫咪的新主人都需要签证合同,保证您不会转卖遗弃猫咪。 如果您改变主意,押金不能退还。但是甜甜保留在预定以后改变想法的权利,您的押金会给于退还。


去到您家前,他们会接受第一年的疫苗, 两次兽医检查,并有兽医签名证明健康状况的医疗卡。同时,对于在英国生活的朋友,每只小猫自您带回家那天起提供5周免费医疗保险。

猫咪通常分三个级别: 宠物级别,繁殖级别和参赛级别。 一般来说,如果您只是猫咪 爱好者, 那么我建议您选择宠物级别,他们相对价格比较适中,并且肉眼上您是分辨捕处区别的。当然,如果您想要一只相对没有瑕疵的猫咪,那么参赛级别是最合适的。

有任何问题,欢迎发送邮件给我。甜甜一定尽力解答。 不过国内的朋友们不要忘记时差哦, 回复比较慢的请理解。