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Buyer’s Name

Street Address

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Phone #

Selling Price

1. Tiantiancats ( Seller) agrees to sell you ( buyer) the

above cat for the sum of ———— . Buyer agrees to provide a carrier and

shipping charges if required. Your kitten is guaranteed to be healthy upon

receipt. Kittens/cats shipped come with a health certificate signed by licensed

veterinarian. Once the kitten/cat leaves these premises it becomes the full

responsibility of the purchaser, including all expenses, medical or otherwise.


To the best of the Seller’s Knowledge , Purchaser is

receiving a healthy kitten/cat , free of any hereditary malformations ( genetic

defects), or life—threatening congenital defects. To validate this Guarantee,

Buyer has 72 hours to have licensed veterinarian examine the Persian. If the

Persian is not verified healthy the buyer has 72 hours to return the Persian to

the seller at the buyer’s expense.


Buyer agrees that vaccine will be given to Persian every year. One rabies booster may be administered no earlier then 1 year from the initial vaccination . Buyer will not vaccinate Cat with modified live FIP vaccine , Leukemia vaccine ( FeLV) Ringworm , Bordetella ( Bordetellosis) or Chlamydia ( Chlamydiosis) or any combination vaccine that contains live or

killed Leukemia or MCK Vaccine ( Ringworm). If either of these vaccines is

administered to the kitten/cat , the Health Guarantee is null and void.

Vaccination with any newly developed vaccine , or a vaccine not specifically

listed on the contract voids the health guarantee. Do not use modified live

vaccines except/unless opting for a nasal vaccine over an injection to avoid

injection site sarcomas .No vaccine will be given within 30 days of another

vaccination, surgery , illness , injury , shipping or other stress. Seller is not liable if the kitten develops FIP which is not preventable through vaccination. 

4. Cats sold as pets must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age ( if sold not spayed/neutered by agreement to spay/neuter by age 6-7 months due healthy reasons ) .

5. Any testing for PKD is optional to the buyer and will be performed at the buyer’s expense. Note : Parents of the Persian PKD/DNA tested negative . If the kittens is proven to be PKD positive, buyer will replace one with equal quality. Absolutely no refund will be given.

6. Kittens/cats from Tiantian Cats Cattery shall never be

placed into, sold or given away to any pet shop or any type of research


7. Deposit is not refundable for any reason . Shipping expenses are not refundable.

8. Kittens / cats from our cattery can never be declawed or

caged and sold as indoor cats only.

9. Buyer should introduce Cat to family & friends slowly

in order to keep stress level down. If Cat is going to a multi pet home buyer

agrees not to expose cat to any animals until Cat is examined by a licensed vet

. If buyer fails to quarantine Cat as described above , all guarantees are null

& void.

10.The buyer will offer seller the kitten/cat back to the seller if they are no longer willing or able to keep this cat/kitten, or rehome

the kitten or cat as a pet under seller's permission. Not refund will be


10. DIET

All natural raw diet is preferred for this Persian .

Grass-fed meats and pastured poultry . If you choose not to feed recommended

raw diet , Persian’s diet must be made up of a quality foods from a good brand

as such royal cannon.

Water should be provided in glass or stainless steal dishes

. Fresh filtered water must be provided daily for this Persian and some fresh

filtered water must be added to canned food .

11. We require that only natural , organic, not toxic

household cleaners , detergents , dish soaps be used on any surface or dishes

the cat may come into contact .

12. Buyer agree to keep the kitten or cat indoor and only

allow them to play in garden under buyer's supervision. Buyer agree to take the best care of the kitten or cat.


In the case of a breach of contract, The Purchaser agrees to surrender this kitten/cat ( and its prodigy) to the Seller at no cost to the Seller and to execute and pay for registration GCCF or TICA paperwork ownership

back to the Seller .


This agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between

the parties and any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding

the date of this agreement shall not be binding upon either party except to the

extent incorporated in this agreement.


Signatures indicate full agreement with all of the above provisions