Welcome to my cattery - home for Persian and Exotic cats.


My name is Tiantian, and am a professional working in Financial Industry in London. Since I was a little girl, my family always have had pets with us so I developed strong interests in animals. I used to dream to have a lovely house with lots of pets running around. Here I am! My dream has come true and I have established my cattery for more than 8 years!


I choose Persian and Exotic Shorthair because I just fancy their look and characters. They have flat face, big eyes and very sweet personalities. They follow you everywhere around the house and would love to sit on your legs for a cuddle! The famous cat Gaffied in cartoon is from this breed indeed! Persian and Exotic are the same breed, apart from the hair length.


A little note: Breeding is my hobby, not my profession. Therefore, I will only have limited cats with small number of litters available each year. In this way, I can ensure that I devote enough time to play with all my beautiful babies. I never cage my cats, and require my buyers not to do so. They are running freely and happily and being part of my family. So my cats and kittens are all very affectionate..


I aim to breed the best cats under CGGF and TICA standards. More importantly, I have a broad and strong interests in animal welfare. Each of them, no matter a cat or a dog, a pedigree or a cross breed, is unique. I believe, we, as human being,  need to protect, understand, and appreciate them, as a precious life as us. I am a leader of multiple projects for promoting social awareness of animal wellbeing. More information will be published in my blog soon! Your little efforts is highly appreciated!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just have a word to say. I am happy to make friends, who also has a passion in animals as I do!

我叫甜甜, 来自四川成都, 生活在英国伦敦。我是一个金融行业的高级风险分析师。 很小的时候,家里就养了很多猫猫狗狗,所以我十分热爱动物。经常幻想有一天能有一间大房子和猫咪们生活在一起。


在我工作以后,我的梦想终于实现了!现在我有了一个属于自己的小小猫舍,专门繁育波斯猫和异国短毛猫咪。其实他们是同一个品种,只是毛毛的长短不同而已。我选择这个品种,因为我非常喜欢他们憨憨的样子,丝滑的毛毛, 粘人的性格。他们都很安静,非常适合工作繁忙的职业认识和有老人孩子的家庭。著名的动画片加菲猫就是以他们为原型的哦。


我的每一只用于繁殖的猫咪,都是我精心从全世界著名猫舌挑选引进的。但是,他们首先是我的孩子和朋友,其次才用于繁殖。我只有少量的猫咪,每天会花很多时间和他们玩耍。每一只小猫我更是倾注了无限的心血。不同于很多猫舍,这是我的爱好而不是职业。我家的猫咪绝对不会关在狭小的笼子里面。我更不允许买家这么做。相对于繁殖纯种猫,我更关注于动物的保护和生存,所以,我主导了多个项目。欢迎您随时联系了解。 也希望您能爱上动物们。